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Dairy choice BONAB company in 1385 in a pristine area of climate and livestock, and in the mountains of Nagorno troops began in the city BONAB, The company is proud of its 10-year lifetime of enjoying the best and most up to date machinery manufacturing, packaging and raw milk North West of the country and applying best Distinguished Alumni university has a substantial share in the market of dairy industry allocate.

The company during his career in the shadow of the blessings of God and efforts of management and staff, and with the top priority and the quality of his products and pay special attention to the needs and demands of our customers as well as to identify and study the tastes of different regions and products to suit the taste of those areas could in addition to the needs of fellow significant share in markets across the country, particularly Iraq’s neighbors have.

The company with more than 40 types of dairy products under the brand of choice within Iran and Iraq markets its products under the brand Mame make offers.

Statue of obtaining quality and food safety in 1393, the statue honors the company’s brand is most popular in 1394.

The company is determined to act in line with its development plan to set up departments will be sterile.

Is worth noting that in 1389 the company’s research and development unit has been launched in more than 17 theses and joint research projects with universities cooperate closely.